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Featuring the... 1983~1984 Ascot VT500



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Congratulations, you've found the NEW Ascot VT500 Web Site!!! Please be patient, as I'll be slowly updating the site for new and revised content and photographs. I haven't transferred all pictures from the old web site, so there may be many failed photo links on this site. All text should be correct.

Yahoo's Geocities is shutting down come October, so please update your bookmarks to utilize THIS web site for all future VT500 references.

This year, I'm celebrating the site's TWELVETH anniversary since it's gone public (Nov. 1997), and I'm grateful for all of those who've contributed to making this the site it's become! ... Thank you! -Scott

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  • Honda Ascot FT500 Thumper Group
  • Something NEW for radio controlled enthusiasts...

  • Royal 1/5 R/C Motorcycle
  • (as of Sept 27, 2001)


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    Click HERE to read about the infamous "Slapping Noises". --update!!

  • Internal changes to this site were made on 6/25/03.

    To date, there's been over 90,000 hits within the site! Also, I'm proud to state that there's over 600 registered members to the GROUP sites linked to above! If you own a VT, please register---it's FREE and will help to build a better database of input/experiences and insight within the VT population.

    Click here to sign my guestbook. (for some reason, the system has been mixing up the order of dated entries, just browse through all of them if you like)

    ...or you can browse through my OLD guestbook and read the entries from ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!

    Of course, you can also me.


    Hello! Welcome to the only Ascot VT500 Web Site! This page is devoted to the Honda Ascot VT500 and features related makes and models. The information on these pages come from factory publications and related magazine articles. I also included my own opinons as well for a well rounded, unbiased approach to the Ascot VT500. Any facts not accurate, please contact me:

    On the left are links to easily navigate through the site, otherwise, click HERE to enter the Ascot VT Web Site!

    Notice: For maximum viewing pleasure, make sure your display is set to 16bit color or better.

    ...Click on the thumbnails for a larger, better quality picture. Please check back from time to time for updates and even more color pics!!! Tx, SB

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