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--Honda VT500 Ascot Vital Statistics--


Four-stroke, 52-degree V-twin; liquid-cooled, chain-driven SOHC;three valves per cylinder, adjustable rocker arms


48 BHP @ 9000 rpm


4.5kg/m (32ft-lb) @7000 rpm

Bore and stroke

71.0 x 62.0mm (2.80 x 2.44in.)

Compression ratio



Solid state: battery-powered, inductive, magnetically triggered


(2) Keihin 34mm constant-vacuum ***


491cc (29.95cu in.)


Two-into-one, with power chamber for balance and tuning

Air filtration

Oiled foam element

Oil filtration

Paper element, disposable

Oil capacity

3.0L (3.2qts)


Six-speed, constant-mesh, wet-clutch

Primary drive

Spur gear; 67/38, 1.76

Secondary drive

Spur gear; 31/34, 0.91

Final drive

Shaft and bevel gears; 19/15 x 11/32, 3.69

Gear ratios (transmission)

(1) 40/14, 2.86 (2) 37/19, 1.95 (3) 34/22, 1.55 (4) 32/25, 1.28 (5) 29/27, 1.07 (6) 26/30, 0.87

Gear ratios (overall)

(1) 16.90 (2) 11.52 (3) 9.16 (4) 7.56 (5) 6.32 (6) 5.14


Double-downtube, full-cradle frame; box-section steel swing arm

Suspension (front)

Leading-axle, air adjustable fork with 37mm tubes and 6.0in (152mm) of travel

Suspension (rear)

(2) shock absorbers, adjustable for spring preload, producing (4.5in ( 115mm) of rear-wheel travel


58.3in (1481mm)


31.0 degrees/5.7in (146mm)

Brakes (front)

Hydraulic, single-disc with twin-piston caliper

Brakes (rear)

Rod-actuated, single-leading shoe drum

Wheel (front)

Comcast, 2.15 x 18

Wheel (rear)

Comcast, 2.5 x 18

Tire (front) *factory equipped

3.50S18 Bridgestone Mag Mopus-L303

Tire (rear) *factory equipped

4.25S18 Bridgestone Mag Mopus-G504

Seat height

31.5in (800mm)

Ground clearance

7.2in (183mm)

Fuel capacity (main/reserve)

1.9gal/0.6gal (7.2L/2.3L)

Curb weight, full tank

426.0lbs (193.2kg)

Load capacity

384.0lbs (174kg)

Standing start 1/4mi

13.5sec. @ 95.94mph

Engine rpm @ 60mph, top gear (indicated)


Average fuel consumption

45.1 mpg: actual observed 52~61 mpg

Cruising range (main/reserve)

90mi/23mi (145km/37km)

***NOTE*** Despite what ALL documentation states, ALL VT powered bikes (Shadow and Hawk included) have been equipped with Keihin carbs. I was once told that Mikunis were exclusive to Yamaha while Honda sported Keihin on all of their bikes. That I'm not sure of but I am certain of the Ascot's claim.